2021 is the year of healing. The year for the activation of the heart. 


Join me at Selda Soul Space as we dive deeper into the realms of healing through sound, vibration and soul work to create alignment in these very high energetic times. With our cosmic portals wide open, we can now begin to guide ourselves and each other towards greater healing. Find who shares your galactic signature and whether you are connected to the celestial, ancestral realms, the angelic beings, or the planetary guides and protectors.

With the powerful Alchemy Crystal Bowls as our teachers, we will learn how to work with our own light energy, deepening our communication with the bowls and going beyond the realms of the ordinary. Understanding our endocrine system, creating musicality and developing our own unique style. There will be activations, energy work and plenty of bowl playing.

 All for £400. Sat/Sun Feb 6/7, including nourishing lunch, teas, snacks and gifts.