"The first time I met Selda, it was like an angel had arrived. My strength, breath and mind have improved, and I feel as if I have grown. Her kindness, professionalism and style are unique. She really cares and I always feel 100% accepted. I'm grateful for everything she has taught me and feel blessed to have met her."

Malene Birger, Designer

Moments of sound, movement,

stillness & light


My offering to you is one born from the heart. It's a place of love and honesty, a space of trust. Only from here,  can healing begin.

Selda is a 'good witch' healer and spiritual guide. She has spent twenty years exploring, travelling and studying the benefits of a yoga lifestyle in the modern world. A former advertising copywriter, she left the corporate field to develop a vocation in well being. As everything around us appears to be speeding up, Selda believes our bodies and minds are desperately seeking ways in which to slow down.  Her hope is therefore to share with as many people as possible, a realistic approach to a balanced life.


She offers bespoke, holistic healing sessions that incorporate energy and breath work, meditation, sound and ancestral channeling where Selda receives messages from other realms, to guide people towards clarity.
Having studied with some of the world’s most revered teachers, and collaborated with leading voices in the health food/well-being arena, she truly believes that understanding ourselves, through a harmonious body-mind connection, is the beginning of true ease, inner peace and wisdom.

Long before Selda Soul Space came into being, there was a vision in mind. A beautiful space for healing to take place. Explore the site if you're looking for guidance, please get in touch and let’s discuss what we can do for you.

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